Trading on the Scalpex Exchange

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In order to help you navigate your way through the depths of derivative trading with Scalpex, we have broken our guide up into several subsections.

Scalpex Overview

  • Scalpex is a Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform, offering leveraged buy and sell contracts. Peer-to-Peer means that the Scalpex platform acts as intermediary only – all buy and sell transactions happen only between users.
  • Scalpex offers some of the lowest commissions in the market, leverage of up to x100, an institutional-grade matching engine, industry-leading security and automated strategy options to launch based on a variety of trading bots.
  • Please note that the Scalpex platform is a crypto platform, so your profits and losses, will be only in crypto currencies. We do not accept fiat currencies.

Trading Overview

Your account can be easily funded by visiting balance page. There is no minimum amount of deposit. Withdrawals are executed on a one per day basis, after 11:00 UTC, via a multi-signature cold wallets.

Scalpex offers direct futures contracts with no expiration date.

Contracts come equipped with leverage options (also known as isolated margin options) of x3, x10 and x100.

A trade always happens between a Market Maker and a Market Taker. A Market Maker is the one whose order appears in the orderbook. The Market Taker, on the other hand, has the matching order.

You can open long or short positions.

The Scalpex platform allows both – Limit Orders and Market Orders.

We further advise you to take a look at self-trade and slippage protection, сollateral & liquidations, mark price & fair price and funding.

We do not accept fiat currencies.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us via email or Telegram.

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