How to deposit crypto?

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In order to Deposit crypto you need to get into your Balance. You will find it in the upper-right corner of the Trading interface

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There you will find your balances in different currencies

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You choose a currency you want to deposit to your Scalpex account and push the Deposit button.

For example, you chose to deposit Bitcoin or BTC. You shall see a pop-up window with the form where you see a QR code that you can shoot with your mobile phone and send BTC from your mobile wallet. 

Image 16

Otherwise, you can copy your Scalpex BTC account address for deposit below the QR-code by clicking the button or by just selecting and copying the address as you usually do with texts.   

Image 17

If you copied it through clicking the buttons you will see a notification in the lower-right corner

Image 18

Please, mind that if you send to the BTC address any other token or coin you will lose them. 

Always double-check what token you send to what address. Blockchain transactions are irreversible.

Beware when you deposit USDT tokens from Binance Exchange or any other exchange or wallet that can supports different USDT blockchains such as ERC20, Tron or Omni. 

SCALPEX ACCEPTS ONLY USDT ERC20 (or Ethereum) TOKENS. If you send USDT other than ERC20(or Ethereum) tokens you will lose them. 


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