What is SXE Staking

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What is Scalpex Staking

Staking is the process of storing (holding) funds in order to receive rewards, by ensuring the performance of Scalpex. Scalpex users and investors can generate a small risk-free return by holding their SXE tokens on the Scalpex exchange.

What you need to participate?

To participate you need to purchase SXE and lock them in one of the staking pools. Choose the pool you like, enter the amount of SXE you want to stake in the pool's input window or move the slider to select the desired amount for staking.

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Funds are locked automatically when you click on the Stake button and the countdown begins until interest is paid or a prize with a reward is created

How much can I earn?

Different staking pools have different interest rates, prize sizes, duration, terms, and conditions. See descriptions for specific pools. 

Can I stake?

All users with sufficient SXE balance to stake can participate in staking.

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