Scalpex Referral and Affiliate Program Guidelines

Scalpex Referral Program Guide

July 12, 2021

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Scalpex referral program rules

For each new referred user who successfully registers an account on Scalpex, the referrer will receive a reward once when the user attracted by him deposits in any form (in fiat or cryptocurrency money), regardless of whether he trades futures, spot, or places money in a staking pool.

You can now seamlessly invite users through a referral link and receive a reward on their deposits. Moreover, when your friends sign up with your referral link, they get a discount on trading commissions. (Invite your friends)


User Alice invites user Bob through a referral link. As soon as user Bob's deposit reaches the equivalent of $ 250 in USDT (or BTC, ETH, SXE), user Alice receives a reward of 25 USDT to her account on Scalpex or to any specified external address.

If user Bob trades (no matter futures or spot, the volume is summed up), then as soon as his trading volume reaches 10,000 USDT, user Alice will receive another 25 USDT to the account she specified.

It is also beneficial for Bob because he will also receive 10% of his deposit and his Scalpex account in the form of USD Bonus (25 $Bonus token) and a 20% discount on trading commission for three months.

Any Scalpex user can get and use their referral link to refer friends, colleagues, and others. Your referral link can be

Check the description of the actions and results of the Scalpex referral program in the table below:


Result for Alice

Result for Bob


Alice invited Bob

Alice becomes Bob's referral

Bob becomes Alice's referral


Bob made a $ 250 deposit (s) (USDT, BTC, ETH, SXE)

Alice receives $ 25 USDT

  1. Bob gets 25 $Bonus

  2. Bob gets 20% discount on trading commissions for 3 months


Bob traded $ 10,000

Alice receives $ 25 USDT


Can I get better conditions?

Yes. The reward from the deposit from payments can be increased if you guarantee a certain amount of registrations and deposits.

How can I learn when my referral makes a deposit?

The system will automatically check that your referral makes a deposit and will charge you a reward. If you are sure that the deposit has been made but have not received a reward, contact our Support service.

How can I learn if my referral has made $ 10,000 of trading volume?

The system will automatically check that your referral has traded $ 10,000 and will award you a reward. If you are sure that your referrals have traded the volume, but you have not received a reward, contact our Support.

Can I receive referral payments in another currency, i.e., BTC?

No, we only reward in USDT.

Do you have promotional materials that will help me attract users?

No. But if you need one, contact us, and we will make a set of promotional materials especially for you.

Can a user I invite use my referral code after they create a Scalpex account?

The referral code must be used when logging into your Scalpex account for the first time. Make sure you or the person you invited enters the correct referral code. If the user you invited does not use the referral code when registering or enters the wrong referral code, you will not receive the reward for this user.

Where can I see my reward history?

You can view your referral payments in your Scalpex account history

Why haven't I received referral payments for the invited users?

Referral payments are calculated when the referral's deposit is received and credited to your account within 1-3 days. You will be able to receive referral payments only after the user you invited makes a deposit.

If you are sure that this happened, but your account was not credited, contact support or

Where can I see the details of the user I invited?

There are two ways to check invitee details.

1.Go to your referral page and scroll down to YOUR REFERRALS. There you will see a list of all your referrals in the form of encrypted emails. In the future, you will also see deposits and trading volumes that they made so that you can control your earnings.


2.Contact support or and ask for a list of your referral IDs and their deposits and volumes.

Can I change my referrer from user A to user B?

No, once a referral relationship is established, it cannot be changed.

When will I receive referral payments, and what will be the settlement token?

All referral payments (both received by the inviting party and those you shared with invited friends) are calculated in real-time and credited to Scalpex accounts within 1-3 days.

Referees rewards are calculated in USDT, and referral rewards are credited in $ Bonus.

How do I access my referral link?

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency trading or an experienced blockchain user, you can quickly get rewarded by simply sharing your referral code on your social media page.

In a web browser, go to Scalpex and copy the link under My Referral Link.


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