2021-07-15 Scalpex Product Report, June 2021

Scalpex Product Report June 2021

We are glad to submit a new monthly report on Scalpex project development and achievements.

This reporting format, which has already become traditional, helps us, the Scalpex developers, to match our capabilities and desires for the development of the project. On the other hand you, our users, investors, traders, can understand that real people are behind the project; that the work is ongoing. Despite the difficulties, we continue to develop the product, because we know that this is not only a today’s market, but also one of the best examples of products from the tomorrow’s fintech market and even the day after tomorrow, because at Scalpex we use new technologies, develop unique tools, and test strategies of the future.

So, let's start revising what was important in terms of the product development on the Scalpex platform in June 2021.

1) Crypto Market Weekly with invited experts.

    In mid-June, we decided to try a new market review format and launched the Crypto Market Weekly with invited guest traders and technicians. Invited experts write about what happened on the crypto market over the past week, what sentiments there are, and what to expect from the market, in their opinion, next week. Their reviews are based on instruments traded on Scalpex. They also use ScalpexIndex.com tools and indicators (www.scalpexindex.com) to assess the state of the market.

    The newsletter comes out once a week, either at the end or the beginning of the following week. It is distributed to Scalpex clients and major social media and telegram channels associated with the exchange. By the way, a list of all Scalpex channels and websites can be found here.

    If you are a trader or technician and are ready to provide your market analysis regularly, write us at danko@scalpex.com with the subject “Crypto Market Weekly” or get in touch at https://t.me/scalpex. We will ask you to send few examples of your work, reports, and market forecasts for consideration. All selected traders and technicians will be given reduced commissions for trading on Scalpex, unique bonuses for each material, and an opportunity to advertise their channels in the Scalpex mailing list.

    2) Scalpex mobile app for Android

      Even though the browser version of Scalpex is almost identical to the desktop one, and many people use our platform from a mobile phone, we often heard a request from users to develop a Scalpex mobile application. Having studied the issue, we analyzed the existing successful examples, the requirements of the application stores, and, finally, made the first test version of the Android application with basic functionality, which has already passed the Play Market moderation. We did not distribute or advertise it until we developed and thoroughly tested the essential functionality. The second version of the app is ready with all essential features any traders would need. The application is fully functional and close to the initial idea of designers and UX specialist, meets users needs and our understanding of what a mobile application for scalping on futures should be.

      Only few days left until it is placed in the Play Market. In the meantime, we are recruiting a group of volunteer testers and bug hunters for the beta version. If you want to participate in testing and suggest improvements, write to danko@scalpex.com or https://t.me/scalpex. All participants will receive a test bonus for trading, and the most active bug hunters will receive additional bonuses and discounts on commissions.

      3) Scalpex Twitter support

        We are thrilled that in June the number of followers of our Twitter exceeded 4000! This is organic growth; for us, it is a signal not only of the relevance of our work but also of the effectiveness of our SMM communication strategy. The day-to-day work of a team active in social media has long been evident to the fintech market. Social media is the easiest and fastest way to build close relationships with the community, promote new projects, listen to customers and understand their requests and needs. We are grateful to all our followers and friends for their support, following, questions, likes, shares and comments.

        In June, we tested two new bonus programs for following and retweeting our social media: $10 for 5 retweets and $5 for joining our social media. Additional bonuses for Scalpex social media followers will be announced in July. Follow new marketing campaigns on all our resources.

        4) SXE token burning

          Token burning is a standard operation that occurs in the middle of each month when part of the token is burned to balance the token economy.

          On June 15, we burned 41,463 SXE tokens. At the time of burning, the cost of one 1 SXE token was $ 0.49. Over the past month, the total trading volume of the exchange was $ 1 billion, which brought us $ 68K in fees, 50% of which was spent on the buyback of the SXE token. The next burning is scheduled for mid-July 2021.

          Burning transaction information: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf38d...

          5) Optimization of the exchange engine

            Not to say that this is unusual since some kind of refactoring or optimization work is carried out on the exchange every week. However, in June we completed a significant stage that made Scalpex engine faster, more reliable, and more efficient. As a result, the speed of execution of transactions increased by 20%, and the platform stability grew especially during high market movements. We hope that our users will appreciate the quality of our work and benefit from volatility.

            6) Press release at Cointelegraph

              On June 24, Cointelegraph published our press release about the Bitcoin Dominance contract https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/coinmarketcap-based-bitcoin-dominance-futures-are-listed-on-scalpex. This is a significant day for us. It is pretty simple to maintain social networks, a blog on a medium, keep our proper channels for these are all resources for a loyal audience that forgives mistakes and flaws. Much more challenging is to get approval, moderation, pass the due diligence of a reputable professional media like Cointelegraph. It finally happened, and we plan to continue both cooperations with Cointelegraph and work with other famous crypto media.

              In addition to Cointelegraph's English-language press release, Cointelegraph Turkey has published our press release translated into Turkish language https://tr.cointelegraph.com/press-releases/coinmarketcap-based-bitcoin-dominance-futures-are-listed-on-scalpex?_ga=2.10929138.778853315.1625669660- 743386058.1617878745.

              Offer for platforms, media, blogs, youtube channels and telegram groups

              By the way, if you represent any media or blog, or telegram, Twitter, or Youtube channel or even a Telegram group with our target audience, write us your suggestions at danko@scalpex.com, we will discuss options for cooperation with you.

              7) Referral program upgrade - payments of referral money to an external address are now available.

                Initially our referral program included only payments to the account address on Scalpex. Given the high fees for ERC20 transfers, we decided to allow referrers to make payments on their external address. We are also ready to discuss additional bonuses and individual conditions for different size of referrers. More information about the referral program can be found here.

                If you have questions about the referral program or proposals for cooperation, you can contact danko@scalpex.com or write a request to the support bot https://t.me/Scalpex_support_bot.

                8) Knowledge Base Content Updates

                  Over the past month, we received many questions in the support and the community chat https://t.me/scalpex about the work of the exchange. This fact indicates new users are coming, perhaps unfamiliar with crypto futures trading. We try to answer all questions in a timely manner and write a new FAQ list to accumulate users’ knowledge within the service. During the last month alone, we have updated more than 20 questions and articles, which also has been translated in Russian and Turkish. You can find these articles and questions in the Knowledge Base at https://support.scalpex.com/.

                  If you have questions or suggestions for creating additional content that will be useful for Scalpex traders, write them to danko@scalpex.com or https://t.me/scalpex

                  9) Twitch account registration

                    Twitch is an entirely new platform for us, but we see great potential in it. Nothing is happening yet there https://www.twitch.tv/scalpex, but we are ready to host streamers who will show their streams. Such work will be rewarded and encouraged. If you have experience in streaming trading sessions or analytics, and you are ready to stream, write your applications to danko@scalpex.com. Streamers will get reduced commissions and bonuses.

                    10) Trigger newsletters

                      Scalpex is an exchange that traders made for traders. We did not immediately realized that most of our users would be inexperienced in trading and certainly new to the emerging crypto-derivatives market. Gradually we realized that, especially when we saw that new users come, register, deposits but they do not start trading.

                      Armed with all modern knowledge, we have created automatic email chains that assist each new user on the way to mastering our service. These letters suggest the necessary information at the right stage, thereby increasing users’ level of understanding, awareness, and education in the field of trading. These are so-called trigger or automated mail-lists. They help not only new users move from one stage of maturity to another, but they also allow us to understand at what stage users are facing difficulties and what needs to be corrected in the service, documentation, or development.

                      If you have suggestions for improving the newsletters or educational materials, please write to danko@scalpex.com or https://t.me/scalpex.

                      11) Order form interface changes

                        We have implemented a position calculator - the maximum order size can now be set with one click, based on your existing balance and current open position. This is so convenient!

                        We are always happy to receive recommendations and advice on how to improve the user and trading experience. Therefore we will be glad to hear your wishes on what can be changed in the trading interface to enhance the efficiency of trading on Scalpex. Write your suggestions to danko@scalpex.com or https://t.me/scalpex

                        Our plans for July

                        1) Launch and promote Scalpex mobile application.

                          First the English version will be published, then localized versions in Russian and Turkish.

                          2) Leaderboard for traders and referrals

                            The long-awaited functionality will allow to identify leaders and reward them with additional bonuses and discounts.

                            3) Trading competition

                              In the near future, we will organize and conduct the first Scalpex trading competence. If you want to participate or help in organizing and conducting it, send your applications to https://t.me/scalpex_competition.


                              That's all for this month. In our product report, we do not specifically review the current state of the market, since we are deeply convinced that crypto goes up, crypto goes down, therefore, no matter what happens, trading will always remain a profitable enterprise since you do it systematically, with due skills and knowledge, and with good trading conditions. From our part, we will provide our traders with the most beneficial conditions, while the market, we hope, will not let you down :)

                              Send your comments and suggestions on the monthly report to danko@scalpex.com marked as Monthly report or comment on it in the community chat https://t.me/scalpex.


                              Scalex Team

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