How to deposit fiat?

How to deposit fiat (form a bank card)

This is a short manual on how to make a deposit from your banking card with the help of our partners

1 Go to Balance

In your account click the Balance link to get into your balances section. The link is in the upper right corner of the screen.

Image 108

2 Balance section

The Balance section opens and you see your asset and balances. These are

  1. $Bonus token, The bonus money you get within bonus programs
  2. Bitcoin (BTC)
  3. ETher (ETH)
  4. Scalpex (SXE)
  5. USDT Stable Coin (USDT)

Except for $Bonus token all assets have buttons DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW.

To make a deposit in the chosen asset you need to click the DEPOSIT button.

Image 109

3 Deposit method selection

A QR-code window opens when you click the DEPOSIT button. In the upper part of the window you shall see two tabs with deposit method selection:

  1. Crypto
  2. Fiat

Choose Fiat.

Image 110

4 Fiat Deposit form

A Fiat deposit form opens and you see several fields to fil-in.

  1. Amount field. Put here the number of fiat money you want to spend
  2. Currency field. It's a drop-down list where you can choose your national currency to avoid paying your bank's forex fees.
  3. Your BTC address. This is your bitcoin address for deposit at Scalpex. You can't change it.

When filled in all necessary information. Click the buttons BUY BTC ON MERCURYO.IO

Image 111

Fill-in deposit amount

Image 112

Select currency for deposit

Image 113

Confirm and go to

Image 114

SMS mobile phone confirmation

Fil-in your mobile number to receive a confirmation SMS code.

Image 115

Email code confirmation

Fill in your email address to receive a confirmation code

Image 118

Banking transaction confirmation

Image 117

Once you verified successfully with your credentials at, you will be able to get faster payment next time you want to deposit your Scalepx account in fiat. 

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