Scalpex refunds traders deposit fees

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Scalpex Refunds Deposit Fees 

Due to the increased interest in cryptocurrencies, transaction fees of the main blockchain protocols, such as BTC and ETH, have also increased. Scalpex listens to its traders, and in response to many requests, we decided to refund traders’ transaction fees for all deposits in BTC, ETH, and USDT. Scalpex will refund transaction fees automatically after checking the deposit transaction ID. Refunds will be credited in $Bonus tokens, which Scalpex traders can use for trading futures contracts. 


  1. The maximum refund coverage is $25. For example, if the transaction costs you $50, we will only refund $25 of that cost.
  2. Transaction fees for deposits from a Scalpex account to another Scalpex account will not be refunded. Only incoming deposits from other exchanges and wallets are refunded.
  3. Deposits made shortly after a withdrawal from Scalpex within the same account will also not be refunded and will be considered abuse.
  4. Any other attempt to abuse the fee refund program is prohibited. The Scalpex team reserves the right to refuse refunds or even fine users whose actions we consider abusive without giving reasons or details.

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