2021-04-21 Scalpex Account Summary Report

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Scalpex introduces a new feature — Account Summary Report.

Account Status Reports help Scalpex traders periodically receive information about their assets and positions directly to their email addresses without logging in.

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Currently, there is only a weekly Account Summary Report weekly. Later on, we shall integrate the possibility to set the frequency of sending the report in the Notifications section.

The report comes in the form of a letter with a PDF file attached to it, where information about the user’s assets is collected.

The report includes three blocks of data:

  • The state of the user’s assets, divided by individual instruments (or SPOT accounts);
  • The state of open futures positions, including collateral, P&L, and some other data;
  • The status of user funds locked in staking pools, including the current P&L.

Account Summary Reports are issued only in English.

This useful feature will allow traders not only to keep track of the current state of their account and open positions but will also remind them of the funds on Scalpex in case they have to keep track of accounts on several exchanges.

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