2021-04-19 The April Report

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Dear investors and traders!

COVID Vaccines give hope for a quick restoration of the usual order of things: restaurants are re-opening, cinemas are selling popcorn again (tired of eating those big buckets at home watching TV), people can walk in the streets not only with neighbors’ dogs but also with their own children.

The virus is receding. But it’s not for sure. And not everywhere.

There were two hot crypto trends in the last month: DeFi and NFT. Since our designer is not yet going to release NFT futures on his gifs (we should have told him he can!), we decided to take a closer look at DeFi and developed an exciting new derivative tool. See below.

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Funds burning report

On April 19, we burned 11759 SXE tokens. At the time of burning, the cost of 1 SXE was $ 1.74. In March, the total trading volume on the exchange was $ 860 million, which brought us $ 57K in trading commissions, 50% of which was spent on the buyback of the SXE token. The next burning is scheduled for mid-May 2021.

Burn transaction information can be found here https://etherscan.io/tx/0x732685289bd4178879e06546c8aa05b4c5a67dc8742febf6634c621640fd53ff

What we did last month

  • Deposits refund program. This is a pure custdev feature. Several users have been asking us to list Tron for a long time. After talking with them, we found out that not so much Tron is vital to them as the low costs of Tron transactions. Earlier, we made a USDT withdrawal for only $ 5, regardless of the Ethereum gas price. This month we offered to reimburse the fees of all incoming deposit transactions. For example, if your deposit ti Scalpex on Ethereum costs you $15 we will credit $15 upon receipt in the form of a $ Bonus, which can be used to trade futures.
  • Account verification. We have protected users from this for a long time. The time has come. This will help us not only to fight fake referrals but also to protect users and restore lost access to users’ accounts. (More)
  • Polka DOT listing. Why Polka DOT, not Tron or BNB? Well, there were reasons. However, this does not mean that we will never have Tron or BNB. Everything has its time. (More)
  • Cardano (ADA) listing. Why ADA, not Tron or BNB? See above :) 
  • Trading interface redesign. We placed the order book next to the order form so that traders can avoid entering the price manually. You can click it with the mouse in the order book and see this price put into the price field of the limit order. We also simplified the menu for choosing trading instruments. Essential instruments are displayed in the visible panel, and others can be found in the dropdown list when clicking the menu button. We’ve also added the live search of instruments.
  • Uniswap LP Tokens Listing. This is it, our first successful experiment with DeFi, which we mentioned in the beginning. These are unique new future contracts ETH/USDT, UNI/ETH, and WBTC/ETH, that are not traded anywhere else. We also offer leverage of 3x and 10x. DeFi Futures allows you to earn from the underlying LP token price movement without actually locking your crypto assets and issues related to blockchain transactions. (More).

We continue to work on

  • New alts listing
  • New derivatives listing
  • Account weekly reporting

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