2021-04-09 Scalpex opens account verification via mobile number

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Since the launch in 2020, Scalpex has had only one type of account for all users. It was ok for a while because all users are equal.

Time passes, and as we crossed 5000 active accounts, it turned out that traders are different in their types and needs.

Some traders want higher limits and reduced commissions. Instead, they make large trading volumes on the exchange. They need to be rewarded for that.

Others register several self-referring accounts and claim bonuses for this operation. This is fraud and cheating. Besides unnecessary disputes in the support channels, it creates unfair behaviors within the Scalpex community.

Finally, there are all of us who sometimes lose passwords, 2fas, access to email boxes etc. We have to go through days of communication with Scalpex support trying to prove our lost accounts ownership.

To sift the wheat from the chaff and help those who forget their passwords without undermining security, we decided to introduce a simple account verification via a mobile number.

Verification is optional, and for the first four weeks, it will also be generously rewarded with 15 $Bonus.

By default, all existing accounts have Basic verification status. All verified via mobile accounts will have Professional status, which will be indicated in the account settings, and a special badge "Pro" will appear beside the account name. Later on, Professional accounts will have a special privilege program implemented, including higher limits and reduced fees.

We hope that the Scalpex trader community will consider this necessary step as helpful and not so sophisticated.

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