Scalpex self-trade and slippage protection

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The Scalpex platform has a slippage protection mechanism. This means that if during order execution the price of the current matching order differs from the initial execution price by more than 5%, the order will be canceled to protect you from losses resulting from slippage.

Our matching engine is equipped with a self-trading protection mechanism. Let’s say you have placed a Limit Sell Order, and are now trying to place a Limit Buy Order with the same price and contract, which will initiate a trade with your sell order. This buy order will be canceled, and the sell order amount will be reduced by the buy order amount. This helps avoid additional commissions.

The Scalpex exchange also comes with a liquidation protection mechanism, which does not allow the filling of orders at a price lower than the liquidation price of the position opened by this order. This helps avoid instant liquidation and extra charges. Bear in mind that the price in question differs, depending on the leverage used.

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